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This paper is a short discussion on Sneaker Resale looking at the recent decline in sales on third party platforms like eBay and StockX, while showing how demand is still there for the products on a platform like Amazon.


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Ch. 3 StockX’s Mistake . . . . . . . . pg. 10

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Important Data Sets for this Paper

Amazon High Demand Recommendations

Why is this important?

The CSV Recommendation Shows what products are in high demand on Amazon. The most important aspect is the average price the product sells for vs how much the product sells for on StockX or eBay.

eBay Year over Year December 21 – March 22 vs December 22 – March 23

Why is this important?

These eBay graphs provide an opportunity to compare the decline of sales on eBay in previous years to the growth of sales on eBay after Nike began negatively discussing StockX during the ongoing lawsuit. These graphs also show the decline in sales of the most resold items.

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Why is this important?

A limited set of information, but extremely important in establishing how well a seller performs on Amazon with product that can also be sold on StockX.

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