Puma Men's Newcastle Tracksuit Top | PUMA’s Poor Decision to Name the Latest Pack ‘Thrifted Collection’


Meet the Thrifted Pack. Inspired by thrift shop fashion, these footwear styles feature light cracked leathers, premium materials, and yellow midsoles for a faded, vintage feel.

Source: Логотип PUMA № 1 на язычке

I got an e-mail this morning with the subject line, “Secondhand Style”. I immediately opened it to consider writing a post on Puma’s position as another brand entering the resale territory. Instead, I got slapped in the face with more of the same sneakers being released. The only difference was the brand is using a “vintage” look. The decision making in naming this collection is extremely poor and reflects the problematic delivery of product for brands creating items we don’t need. What would have been revolutionary was Puma announcing that they had repurposed older footwear and made it new again and available on their website under the banner of “Thrifted”. That would have been a good thing. I could extend this post, but there isn’t any need. I’m leaving this here for posterity and for revisiting this when Puma makes claims of sustainability in the future. This is a bad look Puma when so many consumers lack information on how they can help decrease the impact on the environment by making better decisions for their fashion choices.

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