Moving From Ebay: Sneaker Shop Update

I’m still in the process of moving from Ebay and like I said in the previous article, things are slow. I haven’t generated an individual sell through the site yet. Although I had numerous pairs of Foamposite Retros in stock and I was selling them at a lower price than anyone on web or retail, … Read more

Moving From Ebay To Home: Copping Sneakers for a Customer

Alright, everyone who is a sneakerhead and sells, buys and trades kicks has at one point worked through ebay or is currently working through ebay. I was an ebay faithful sneaker freak until I had one of those nightmare encounters on ebay and everything went to garbage. What that made me realize is that, ebay takes care of its buyers, but very rarely does it side with its sellers. So like many sneakerheads I decided to turn away from ebay this weekend. I got tired of the people claiming something was a replica or variant when it was as clear as day in the pictures and the boxes and the tags and receipts, that everything was authentic. What I did is what you are witnessing now, establishing my site as my homebase of operations.

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Rabbit Hole: A Review

Often when a stage play is translated into a movie, there are certain nuances and quirks that can’t be conveyed. The film has the ability to better explain small details through the use of various scene settings, lighting and production that a stage play doesn’t capture. However, the character inflections, the capacity to interact with … Read more

The JmksportStore CG097 II Test Samples: Ebony/Scarlet

Last year I released my first running shoe to pretty good success. The CG097 was made of suede and mesh and was really geared towards fall/winter joggers. The problem was the shoe tried a new idea I had called P-Grip which only used rubber in segments of the shoe. The shoe also clocked in over 1lb which is not very good for a running shoe. (Pictures after the link).

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The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest: A review


Buy Now: Stieg Larsson writes with an attention to detail of an investigative journalist seeking to create a narrative that educates and entertains. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest is an excellent work of fiction that has the mimesis and verisimilitude that college professors speak of when addressing works in a literature course. … Read more

Waiting for “Superman” Offers Insight into Race and Privilege


While most people interested in education saw Waiting For Superman during its theatrical release, I often fail to catch any new release. I often wait for Netflix or the DVD release. I have made it a point to watch any film that deals with the shortcomings of, or the success of schools at the high … Read more

Do Black People Read White Books? The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


Buy Now: Obviously if I’m writing a quick review of a “White” book then Black people do read White books. An interesting thing does exist in literature, however. Typically, a White author is only approached by Blacks while they are in college. Introduction to Lit courses are filled with the rich literary history of … Read more

Get To Know: Lupe Fiasco – I’m Beamin


Certain artists generate a response that makes you honored to hear what they have to say. As I grow old in Hip-Hop, I’m starting more and more to seek out artists that mesh all of the elements together: dope tracks, lyricism, creativity and inspiration. In mainstream music the heart is missing. You can’t listen to … Read more

Get To Know… Something to Believe • Blitz the Ambassador • Director’s Cut


Every now and then there a no words needed when telling you about a music artist. While hitting up Okayplayer I ran across this video and in a way the artistic value of this music and video can’t be rated. So, with no further discussion take a few minutes and listen to this. It’s refreshing … Read more

Get To Know, The Roots – How I Got Over


The Illadelph crew that delivered classics like “What They Do” and “You Got Me” released an album that continues to push the boundaries sonically and lyrically. Black Thought is the most underrated emcee ever. His skill with Questlove’s construction and the infamous Roots band has never, in my opinion, failed to deliver a classic. While … Read more

Invest 2 hours and 19 minutes: Pyaar Impossible


Alright, I’m sure you’re wondering what the hell is Pyaar? Pyaar means Love. This film is a Bollywood creation and has all of the characteristics associated with the genre: Outbursts of music, corny acting and length of the story, but I’m assuming that you have watched a Bollywood film before. To create clarity, I will … Read more

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown: A Review


Dan Brown has crafted several novels that resulted in a massive number of sales and in all honesty created an industry in tourism. His novels Angels and Demons and The Davinci Code sparked tours and ignited a fascination with symbols, myths, conspiracies and controversy. The Lost Symbol, released in 2009 has not generated the same … Read more