Get To Know: Rise Against – Help Is On The Way 

I have had countless discussions with artists about the responsibility of the creator of images and sounds. In these conversations, I have found the foundation for my understanding of the importance of art. I have also realized that my ideas about how art should be used, are very constrained. I think that art should serve … Read more

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown: A Review

Dan Brown has crafted several novels that resulted in a massive number of sales and in all honesty created an industry in tourism. His novels Angels and Demons and The Davinci Code sparked tours and ignited a fascination with symbols, myths, conspiracies and controversy. The Lost Symbol, released in 2009 has not generated the same … Read more

For Colored Girls: A Review


The For Colored Girls reinterpretation by Tyler Perry has seen countless analysis and criticisms. I even took the time to discuss the film after watching the original play. Click here to read that analysis. My original discussion was that this play should not have been recreated. I made this decision because after watching the original … Read more

Commentary and Thoughts on the Film “Skin”


Racism creates a vast array of emotions when presented in American society. It seems that the US has the need to own the divisive treatment that is created by people and their personal, social, and learned hatred of other cultures. The US however finds it difficult to actually analyze and create narratives discussing race. People … Read more

Lecture: Business and Entrepreneurship at the University of Memphis Section 1 – 4


This was originally posted in 2011 to the site and is a little dated but is still very relevant. I eventually captured all of these points and place them into One Hour To Wealth: Your Great Idea is Valuable…Get Up and Write It Down!Excuse the baggy gym shorts, lol. I was invited by Dr. Frances Fabian … Read more

Excuse the Dust

You probably came here looking for updates on the CG running shoe or expecting to read old footage on players and profiles, but as you can see everything is gone. I’m working on a new layout that will allow you to rap about sports only topics in a social network setting. So sign up, and … Read more