Fall 2012 Lookbook: The Allen – JmksportStore Casual

I have to eventually start planning ahead like a real shoe company. Over the past few years I never really had direction and I simply made shoes when I could. Without vision and foresight, and the belief that I can actually make JmksportStore into a viable entity in the shoe industry, I might as well … Read more

The JmksportStore Allen – Suede and Denim Pack


The Allen is a clean, stylish casual shoe that features suede and denim with a white outsole for a more adventurous look. This comfortable and durable shoe will be a great go-to shoe for your everyday life from casual Friday to a laid back weekend. Please note that there will be variations in the suede … Read more

JmksportStore CG097II – Storm Pack


The CG097II Lightweight Trainer Storm Pack (Designed by Ian Matic Gale of Barbados) SOLD OUT The CG097II weighed in at 6.8 ounces and utilized a segmented outsole for a flexible outsole that allows the foot to move naturally. The shoe featured nubuck and mesh with a perforated insole. This was the winter release of the CG097II … Read more

WWYWT? 2.5 miles of Brian McKnight?

I’m actually just kidding about the Brian McKnight thing, but for some reason I can’t stop laughing at the absurdity of Brian McKnight’s latest Youtube vid… especially since one of my friends from high school brought it up this morning. Dude is on one for real! On to today’s run: Let me show you how … Read more

WWYWT? Riding with the King

Okay the automatic assumption is that I’m talking about Elvis since this is Memphis. The actual fact is I’m talking about my son who plays the guitar, but also provides motivation on early morning runs. Lately he has been listening to the BB King and Eric Clapton album by the same name, hence the name … Read more

WWYWT? More Roadwork – 5K? Better believe it.

Wednesday morning!!!!!!Yesterday was officially my last college class as an instructor/professor. Very bittersweet moment overall. It was a great class, but it’s time to start a different phase of my life away from education after over 17 years. Sigh… enough of that. Today was more road work for the kid. I plotted a great map … Read more

A Huey P. Newton Story: A quick review


M-M-M-Mookie, M-M-M-Malcolm, M-M-M-Martin… Real quick what film is this from? Why is it significant? When I think of Spike Lee films there is a character in every film who captures the essence of the director’s direction and statements in performances that may be big or small. I honestly never remember the actor’s name. I just … Read more

JmksportStore Casual Updates From the Factory: Navy and Haze Gray

Anyone who knows me, knows that some of the best times of my young adulthood occurred when I was Haze Gray and underway. In other words, when I was in the Navy I learned a lot about life; in particular I learned about myself. The next two colorways from the JmksportStore Casual line represent my … Read more

February 21, 2017 Samples


When you are launching a new shoe, samples are critical to the development of the shoe. As most sneakerheads and fashion people know, samples cost a nice hunk of change. I think this is what makes me a little frustrated in the whole process. Like an artist when you take the time to invest energy … Read more