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Reebok has gone through major changes. The brand formerly owned by adidas is part of a conglomerate which typically leads to a shedding of jobs. While info about the brand has been kept close to the vest, one of the biggest announcements was Kerby Jean Raymond stepping down and what appears to be a resurgence in pulling from the 90s archives. There haven’t been a lot of stories about the brand throughout social media and as in-store visits decrease, I have to be reminded to check in on the brand. This doesn’t mean there isn’t good product being developed and released from The Vector. The brand has collaborated with Madewell, rolled out an HBCU Collection, and still partners with legacy legend Allen Iverson as well as modern athletes like Myles Garrett. Under the entertainment umbrella a series of Cardi B-Boks have been delivered and while Crossfit is gone the latest NANO X3 still hits the feet of many athletes. But… are there any jobs available in the non-retail sector? Let’s take a look.

Supply Chain/Logistics: Manager, Reebok Supply Chain Integration – Order Management

Finance/Accounting :Manager, Reebok Supply Chain Integration – Order Management

Information Technology:

These positions are primarily in the Boston area. There has been a considerable reduction in the workforce. These are the only positions open on the corporate side of Reebok. When a company is limited in hiring it speaks towards one of two things, efficiency or sales are predicted to be slow in the one quarters. This isn’t surprising as Reebok is a company that feels like it’s on the verge of a push model where quality and care are not at the forefront, but volume. I hope this isn’t the case as Reebok has a fantastic heritage and if handled correctly the brand could have a resurgence similar to Puma. Conglomerates don’t tend to move towards a pull strategy.
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