Does NOBULL’s New Sponsorship of the 2023 NFL Combine Build a New Fan Gateway?

Under Armour Breaking Up With UCLA is Emblematic of a Broken Marketing Machine

MJmksportStore 2–5 | INDIANAPOLIS, IN

Get ready for the 2023 NFL Scouting Combine where NFL hopefuls have an unrivaled opportunity to showcase their skills and abilities ahead of the NFL Draft.

We can’t wait to deliver an immersive, reimagined prospect experience that includes our latest performance gear built into the training kits provided to each prospect.

Source: 2023 MJmksportStore 25 | INDIANAPOLIS, IN

NOBULL is a privately owned company founded by ex-Reebok guys Marcus Wilson and Michael Schaeffer. The guys saw an opportunity for a better sneaker for Crossfit and the rest is almost history. As the economy begins to return to form although a recession is still being predicted, after last year saw a giant reduction in SPACS and IPOs, it feels like there are several sneaker related businesses primed for a public offering. NOBULL feels like it’s ready to take a headshot and move from the 7th year itch to an 8th year explosion… or maybe I’m wrong. I visited the Wynwood Store in Miami and picked up a pair of the Court Trainers.

When I write anything about a brand I always want to have a personal experience beyond just pictures. What I found was great customer service and an incredible retail experience. After writing about the company for years, getting a pair of the shoes gave me an insight into how the company has the ability to continue growing and developing a fanbase, but is this sponsorship an expense that will generate dollars and additional marketing opportunities for the brand? It’s a complex question with a more difficult answer. Consider this, since the founding in 2015 the brand has taken over Reebok’s sponsorship of Crossfit, and is the unofficial sponsor of one of the most interesting new sports in the Florida Grid League (if you haven’t seen this sport visit YouTube) and now they have replaced New Era, who had replaced Under Armour, as the sponsor of the upcoming NFL Draft Combine.

Under Armour Breaking Up With UCLA is Emblematic of a Broken Marketing Machine

These moves undoubtedly bring attention to the brand, but in a post on NCAA sponsorship where Under Armour ended their relationship with UCLA and Jordan Brand took over, advertising and sponsorship has shifted considerably and any brand playing by the rules of the established leader of sport, Nike, risks overspending for events which exist in a small window and logos are not front and center in the filming of the events. Under Armour’s debacle with both collegiate sports and the MLB could offer insight into whether this is a good thing for NOBULL. Does this offer NOBULL a chance at increased attention to a consumer base? It’s not black or white and it all depends on the cost NOBULL paid to headline the Combine. Under Armour might be a cautionary tale for the brand.


  1. exposure to an audience of the most viewed sport in the U.S.
  2. Spread the love
  3. branding and marketing opportunities on all channels showing the event and adding highlights on YouTube after


  1. MJmksportStore 25 | INDIANAPOLIS, IN.
  2. an audience of older men who aren’t as fit and active (according to Brandon Gaille – The 55+ age demographic is the largest percentage off the NFL fans demographics at 37%. Another 34% of NFL fans are in the 35-54 age demographic.

Do you think NOBULL will benefit from this partnership? Information on the event via NOBULL


NFL Scouting Combine prospects have an unrivaled opportunity to demonstrate their skills and abilities ahead of the NFL Draft. Starting in 2023, participants at the Combine will be immersed in a reimagined experience and have access to the latest apparel and accessories from NOBULL to wear during the event.


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Join Team NOBULL on Tuesday, February 28th at 7:15 AM for a morning of training at Shred415. This class includes strength training and intervals on the treadmill. Every 15 minutes, you’ll alternate between treadmill drills and strength training movements. Garmin will also be at Shred415 during class. Test out the latest and greatest smartwatches during the workout. This class is open to all levels.



The NOBULL Team will be hosting a community 5K run led by CrossFit Games® and NOBULL Athlete, Cole Sager, on Thursday, March 2 at 6:00 PM from the NCAA Hall of Champions in Indianapolis, IN. Runners will be invited to test out the latest and greatest smartwatches from Garmin during the event and participate in giveaways from NOBULL and Garmin. This run is open to runners of all abilities and multiple pace options will be available.


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