Coco Gauff and New Balance Look Towards Legacy with Contract Extension and New CG1

Source: Coco Gauff Signs Extension Contract with Longtime Sponsor New Balance 

The importance of New Balance’s signature sneaker with Coco Guaff is immeasurable, although it won’t show up in the sales column. This signature sneaker and the contract extension shows a dedication to women in sports.  In a recent post on Saysh, Allyson Felix’s footwear and apparel company, I explained that her brand releasing casual footwear instead of performance footwear was an issue. When brands lead with performance-oriented products, it opens the door to performance-oriented marketing campaigns, even in a niche sport like tennis. What does this mean? The amount of potential content for the development of a signature product for an athlete is Green, although brands do a poor job of actually creating that content. There are tech breakdowns by design teams, R&D discussions that can be held, and athlete training and discussion video series which can be created. Performance is a long-term play which doesn’t immediately convert into sales, but it definitely allows for the marketing of moments and highlights that resonate and connect brand, athlete and fans. When Coco wins her first grand slam New Balance will have been there along the way and by default, they will have access to a demographic that doesn’t usually rock with New Balance. They will be able to parlay this moment to grassroots and potentially programs for promoting the game to a new generation. That’s powerful and important, even if in the short term it may not sell New Balance a ton of product.

New Balance Kids Fresh Foam X70 V1

“I couldn’t ask for a more committed team that is forward-thinking in their approach and match my love for the game with their passion for quality and creativity. New Balance has supported me since my junior tennis years and has been by my side for the biggest moments of my career,” said women’s singles World No. 4, Coco Gauff. “The team feels like family, so it was an easy decision to extend with a team that has embraced me as a person and genuinely works to help bring out my best.”

“When working with Coco on this colorway we discussed the powerful properties found in crystals and how they are used to celebrate new beginnings,” says Cordell Jordan New Balance Footwear Designer. “The dark green and red found in the All in the Family colorway represent her heart and root chakras which stands for the vision and passion she has on and off the court, all while keeping her grounded and humble through it all.”


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