JmksportStore JD213 Trainer | For a Good Reason

Last year I explained in detail why I was giving up on the process of creating a new sneaker for JmksportStore. Developing and making a new shoe for JmksportStore unlike when I ran Sho-Shot, tends to be more of a vanity project. When I made Sho-Shot basketball shoes I was running Center Court Basketball. The … Read more

Samples Are Expensive & Manufacturers Don’t Care … I’m Taking My Talents To South Beach | JmksportStore

The first sample came back for the next JmksportStore shoe. After my daughter and I came up with what we thought was the perfect blend of athletic and casual I knew I had to cross my fingers and hope for the best since paying for the sample meant I was at the mercy of the … Read more

Design and Sample Production for the Next JmksportStore Shoe


A few weeks ago I began looking at the development of another JmksportStore Sneaker. Three years ago in 2015 I made the last shoe from JmksportStore. The project was wrought with errors from the manufacturer. The last used where Chinese size 41 to 46, Which placed the shoe at a size 8 to 12 on … Read more

Stay Fresh in Cool Colors: JmksportStore TR-114 (Caramel and Shadow)


The JmksportStore TR-114 sounds like something really technical. It’s not. It’s a classic trainer silhouette updated with premium suede and textured canvas. An excellent pickup for any season the stylish shoe is a comfortable classic with a retro running feel. Pair with denim, joggers or khakis and you can dress the shoe up or down. With a … Read more

The JmksportStore TR-114 Runner (Fall 2015 Samples)


The hardest thing to do in fashion is to build the next season’s releases while the current release hasn’t sold. I’m still in the process of creating boxes for the Summer 2015 release in June 2015, and I have to begin paying for the Fall Footwear. Note: All of you who think you’re ready to … Read more

Behind the Scenes of Shoemaking | Maker’s Row Blog


I recently discovered Maker’s Row and I’ve been trying to share information from the site. I will register for it soon and keep you abreast of what develops once I join. Check out this blog post by @cesardsgns on the site. I will be sharing a lot of information on shoe production and shoe websites … Read more