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Brooks Ghost 11 GTX


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When a company buckles down and stops chasing cool and the company decides to focus on creating the best equipment for runners at all levels, something amazing happens. When every company decided to chase lifestyle sneakers, Brooks decided to emphasize the importance of proper running gear and they began to invest in running groups and delivered some of the best gear on the market. The brand could have tried to revitalize heritage footwear like the Brooks Beast, but instead the company introduced their Shoe Finder website experience.

Find the Perfect Running Shoe: Running Shoe Finder | Brooks Running

A series of questions allows runners to choose which surfaces they want to run on, if they are having leg pain, how their feet are interacting barefoot on surfaces and if a runner is looking for speed or cushioning. It’s a simple, elegant layout any person can do in the comfort of their own home. I completed the test and was given three options. The shoe I like the most is the Hyperion Elite 3:

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Brooks is one of the fastest growing running companies in the industry. “Brooks Running set new records in 2021, ending the year with global revenue exceeding $1.11 billion, an increase of 31% percent year over year. This result marks the first time the running brand has reached $1 billion in annual revenue.” Does this mean there are jobs available? If you want to live in a few different locations, yes. I’m excited to share a few job listings from Brooks Running. I hope there is a something here that sparks your interest.

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