Birkenstock Captures the Importance of Cross Demographic Marketing in one Shot @birkenstock

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Source: Birkenstock (@birkenstock) • Instagram photos and videos

The Kyoto is my favorite pair of Birks. In this picture featured on the Birkenstock IG page the brand delivers a graphic that lives across demographics and captures the cool aesthetic of a company that understands “fly is forever” and “fresh is a fact” no matter the age. I’ve recently discussed brands focusing heavily on youth culture at the expense of demographics who can actually comfortably afford premium footwear. In a thread on LinkedIn, I was asked to think about how brands see younger consumers as the future, but I responded that companies have to live in the present to improve brand loyalty and engagement. While performance footwear requires an approach rooted in younger consumers, the majority of sneakers sold are lifestyle oriented. Brands can comfortably cater to all segments if they actually employ and work with all segments.

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