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Track & Field – MHEA (mymhea.org)

Coach Bill Duff is the coach of the Memphis-Area Home Education Association’s track and field team. The homeschool team doesn’t have the traditional infrastructure of other high school programs. Because MHEA is basically an organization supporting a broad spectrum of parents who have chosen an alternative form of education for their children, the assistance has to arrive on an individual basis. The teams aren’t made from kids who walk from their school to their outdoor track facility. Parents have to bring kids to a location, which is often a space offered by a church or gym willing to provide the gym or track without compensation. The teams consist of student-athletes who have to get to know each other in practice without the benefit of talking throughout the day at one central location. Parents are driving their kids’ miles because facilities are difficult to come by.

Athletic gear is also difficult to get. Traditional schools can leverage various groups and alumni in conjunction with state funding to offset expenses. MHEA and Coach Duff do an amazing job of operating the track and field program. A few weeks ago, Track & Field MHEA learned that the MHEA program was looking for support. Their grassroots team reached out and delivered a bevy of amazing product through arch to Coach Duff. The product varied from High Jump and Long Jump Pro footwear to Distance models like the Cosmoracer and Gun Lap. ASICS also included premium models Jet Sprint and the amazingly innovative spikeless MetaSprint model that uses a honeycomb carbon fiber outsole plate eliminating the need for pins.





MHEA truly appreciates the support and will share the products with other local teams that may have trouble raising the capital needed to ensure student athletes, traditional and non-traditional, have the gear needed to perform at the highest level. Most of the product came in under size 10 so more gear is needed for the older-bigger athletes. Please contact arch for more info on how to donate to Tri-State area track and field teams: cburns at arch-usa.com

Note: arch will offer advertising space on the sidebar and in the scroll for all track and field companies supporting grassroots track and field. Sneaker Impact offered assistance in 2022. Their banner remains on the site and attains impressions and engagements. An ASICS banner will be added to the site for the year of 2023. arch would love to highlight and profile every brand willing to support school athletics.

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